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Mascot Mania is the websitefor collectors of vintage Michelin Man memorabilia, advertising items and much more.

Bibendum otherwise known as The Michelin Man is the world famous logo of the Michelin Tyre Company

At Mascot Mania you will find links to our Mascot Mania Collectors Shop as well as to images from our collection of rare vintage Michelin Man items and lots of other useful information about Bibendum.

If you have any questions or comments then please feel free to contact us using the links on the site

Occasionally we Items from the collection for sale and you will find these in our Mascot Mania shop on eBay - Just use the link below to see what we have available at the moment

On this site your will find:

bulletThe history of Michelin Man / Bibendum
bulletLinks to our shop full of vintage Michelin Man items
bulletA walk through photo gallery of our fabulous vintage Michelin Man collection
bulletHow to get advice about your own Michelin Man items.
bulletLinks to other vintage Michelin Man items for sale around the world





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